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About IGMA
The worldís leading organization on the engineering and manufacturing of insulating glass

IGMA is the international standards development organization for the insulating glass industry. Our focus is on developing new technologies in the manufacturing of insulating glass units supported by new research, best practices and the development of codes and standards. IGMA's industry publications, education programs, product certification programs and leading edge research provide valuable support to the industry.

Organizational Chart

Click Here to download the IGMA Organizational Chart.

IGMA Staff:
Margaret Webb, Executive Director
1500 Bank Street, Suite 300
Ottawa, ON K1H 1B8
Tel: 613-233-1510 Ext. 103 / Fax: 613-482-9436

Kate Webb, Administrative & Certification Coordinator
1500 Bank Street, Suite 300
Ottawa, ON K1H 1B8
Tel: 613-233-1510 Ext. 101 / Fax: 613-482-9436

Bill Lingnell, Technical Director
Lingnell Consulting Services
1270 Shore Court, Rockwall, TX 75087
Tel/Fax: 972-771-1600

Lisa Stegink, Legal Counsel
Chicago Law Partners LLC
333 West Wacker Drive, Suite 810, Chicago, IL 60606
Tel: 312-929-1966 / Fax: 312-929-1955

Mission Statement:
The purpose of the Insulating Glass Manufacturers Alliance is to lead in establishing and advancing insulating glass manufacturing technologies and quality process providing value to our industry and enhancing member opportunities for growth and success.

Strategic Initiative Statements
To following key strategic initiatives are established in support of our Mission:

1. Standards:
Establish and support harmonized standards for insulating glass units nationally and internationally to include:

a. Working closely with other associations, standardsí bodies and governments to establish standards, support standards, and promote the use of certified IG units and

b. Establish other voluntary performance "standards"? (ratings, recommendations, guidelines etc.)

2. Certification:
Work towards certification of all insulating glass units used in commercial and residential applications in North America.

3. Technology:
To provide educational seminars, technical publications (manual, bulletins, reports) and industry updates of insulating glass issues and future insulating glass opportunities.

4. Communication:
Continually analyze the information needs of the IGMA membership and the insulating glass industry. Develop and implement plans to meet those needs. Develop and maintain strategic alliances with other affiliated organizations and groups.

5. Research:
Analyze current insulating glass manufacturing technologies and undertake leading edge research to improve current practices through the development of new test methodologies and protocols.

IGMA Antitrust Reminder:
It is IGMA policy to comply fully with all laws regulating trade association activities. Please refer to IGMAís Antitrust Compliance Program Guidelines and adhere to the following:

  • DONíT discuss prices or fees for service, costs, discounts, terms of sale or credit, warranties, profit margins, individual companiesí marketing or bidding plans, pricing policies, controlling sales, allocating markets, complaints related to specific customers, or refusals to deal.
  • DONíT joke about antitrust compliance.
  • DONíT speak or act on behalf of IGMA or any committees unless specifically authorized to do so.
  • DONíT participate if you think something is improper.
  • DO alert IGMA staff or legal counsel to any concerns about competitively sensitive information.


Board of Directors

Nathalie Thibault, President

Helen Sanders, Vice President

Jeff Haberer, Secretary
Trulite Industries

Bill Briese, Treasurer
GED Integrated Solutions

Mark Hutchinson, Past President

Paul Chackery, Director
Fenzi North America

Dave Cooper, Director
Guardian Industries Corp.

Robert Grommesh, Director
Cardinal IG

Robert Jutras, Director

Roland Rossman, Director
Garibaldi Glass

Aaron Ryan, Director
Pella Corporation

Steve Strawn, Director

David Sukut, Director
Vitro Architectural Glass

Committee/Task Group Chairs

David Cooper, Marketing Committee Chair
Guardian Industries Corp.

David Cooper, Technical Policy Chair
Guardian Industries Corp.

Roland Rossman, Certification Committee Chair
Garibaldi Glass

Bill Briese, Education Committee Chair
GED Integrated Solutions

Steve Marino, Sealant Adhesion to Spacer Task Group Chair
PPG Industries

Tracy Rogers, Spacer & Integrated Spacer System Task Group Chair
Keystone Certifications

David Cooper, TM-4000-XX Insulating Glass Quality Procedures Chair
Guardian Industries Corp.

Helen Sanders, Emerging Technologies & Innovation Committee Chair

David Cooper, Vacuum Insulating Glazing (VIG) Chair
Guardian Industries Corp.

Randi Ernst, Gas Measurement Validation Chair
FDR Design

Tracy Rogers, Advanced Fenestration Testing Chair
Keystone Certifications

Helen Sanders, Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Chair

Jeff Haberer, Technical Services Committee Chair
Trulite Industries

Bill Briese, Dimensional Tolerances for Multiple Cavity IGU's Chair
GED Integrated Solutions

Helen Sanders, Edge Pressure Task Group Chair
SAGE Electrochromics, Inc.

Tracy Rogers, Glazing Guidelines Working Group Chair
Keystone Certifications

Dan Braun, Tolerances for IG Cavity Width Chair
Architectural Testing, Inc.

Jeff Haberer, Thermal Stress (10) Chair
Trulite Industries

Tracy Rogers, Visual Quality Chair
Keystone Certifications

Mike Burk, Glass Safety Awareness Council Chair

Jim Blamble, ASTM Field Correlation Study Task Group Chair
SIKA Corporation

Aaron Ryan, Design Considerations for IG Cavity Compensation Chair
Pella Corporation

Tracy Rogers, Load Resistance for Two-Sided Support Glass Chair
Keystone Certifications

David Cooper, PIB Migration Chair
Guardian Industries

Tracy Rogers, Visual Quality Chair
Keystone Certifications

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