IGMA is pleased to announce its fourth IG Fabricators Workshop. The workshop, which leads attendees through the most important aspects of fabricating and testing IG units by the experts of our industry, features a balanced mix of classroom education along with hands-on demonstrations to discover best practices for cleaning, cutting and handling glass, desiccants, sealants, gas fill, frost point and much more.

Reviews of the three previous Workshops were incredibly positive:

“The group of experts you had were awesome. They were very attentive, welcoming and helpful.”

“The hands-on portion is awesome. Being able to take what was learned in a presentation and then apply it in real life was really effective.”

“Hosting the event at a testing facility is great… while participants may see the IGU processes discussed at each of the stations every day, they don’t always get to see the testing methods and apparatus conducted from a third party.”

The next Workshop will be held at the Intertek-ATI Testing lab in Plano, Texas from November 9-11th. Register now before the class fills up to attend and get immediate impact to your company’s bottom line. Modules include::

Workstation 1: Frost Point (Bill Lingnell, IGMA Technical Consultant)
Workstation 2: Glass Cutting (Bill Briese, GED Integrated Solutions)
Workstation 3: Spacer & IG Fabrication (John Kent, Insulating Glass Certification Council)
Workstation 4: Gas Filling (Randi Ernst, FDR Design)
Workstation 5: Desiccant / Desiccated Matrix (Shulin Cui, SliciaStar / Brian White, H.B. Fuller)
Workstation 6: Sealants (Steve Altum, Dow Corning; Mike Speicher, Royal Adhesives and Sealants)
Workstation 7: Volatile Fog (Jeff Haberer)
Workstation 8: Hands on training to determine logical failure mode of IG units outside of the glazed sash.  The segment starts with the least intrusive visual inspection which, in many instances, can yield a root cause.  If no root cause is determined from a visual inspection the next logical step is unit deconstruction.  IG unit deconstruction will follow a methodical approach to yield a logical cause of failure. (Jim Blamble, SIKA Corporation)

Registration Fees
IGMA Members receive a discount on attendance. Act now to reserve your spot!

  • IGMA Member – $890 USD first attendee / $800 USD each additional attendee
  • Non-Member – $990 USD each attendee*

*Registering non-member company will receive a 25% refund on all workshop fees if they join IGMA.

IGMA is a dynamic group of industry professionals who voluntarily come together to solve common industry problems, meet common needs and accomplish goals relative to Insulating Glass in the Global Fenestration Industry. Those that attend our events are literally the who’s who of our trade.

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