IGMA Newsletter: May 2019

From Executive Director Margaret Webb

IGMA-AAMA Activity
Current status: We’re approaching the end of the timeline in our negotiations with AAMA to combine the two organizations.The financial, bylaws, overall governance, organizational structure are all substantially complete.Current efforts at the Board level of both organizations are focused on the new name for the organization.

Voting: The IGMA Board of Directors met March 18, 2019 and amended the IGMA bylaws to expand voting rights for Suppliers and Auditing & Testing members so they are eligible to vote on the upcoming ballot on combining IGMA and AAMA into a new organization.

Timeline: (Click timeline for a larger version)

Video: If you missed it, IGMA had a live broadcast on March 21st providing details on the combination with AAMA including other options that have been considered for IGMA’s transition in 2021.  Margaret Webb, IGMA Executive Director and Janice Yglesias, AAMA Executive Director answered questions from the viewers.  The session was recorded and can be viewed by IGMA members by logging into the IGMA Members Only portion of the website.  If you have questions or need clarification of any aspect of the negotiations, please do not hesitate to reach out to Margaret Webb or any of the IGMA directors. (click image below to view a recording)

Task Group Updates

ASTM Field Correlation Study Status Update
The Task Group met to review received bids / determine selection of the successful candidate.There was variation in the bids so we have reached out to each bidder to determine an overall price for the work. Three of the bidders responded to our email and the task group is meeting May 9, 2019 to review the bids.

Edge Pressure RFP Update
IGMA formed a joint task group with the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) in 2014 to determine the impact of edge seal pressure on the long-term durability of insulating glass units and to determine the extent to which excessive edge pressure may cause premature failure including PIB scalloping.

IGMA and AAMA have developed the schematics for a test fixture, have requested and received quotations for the manufacturing of this test fixture.  The extent of the work required to validate the test fixture is beyond the scope of a volunteer task group.  It has been determined that contracting with a university or test lab to conduct prototype testing using the test fixture to determine that the fixture can deliver the necessary data is the best approach for a successful outcome.

A draft RFP has been reviewed by a small subset of the task group and will require further clarification to the scope before it can be issued. The RFP group is meeting May 10th to review the scope of the RFP.

IG Cavity Compensation Update
The sections for capillary tubes, breather tubes and valves are under development.All other sections have been completed. It is anticipated that this document will be ready for balloting to the Technical Services Committee this fall.

New Task Groups Looking for Volunteers
PIB Performance Criteria – the scope of this task group is to provide guidelines relating to Polyisobutylene (PIB) primary sealant. Its purpose is to give the user specific guidelines for selecting, applying  and monitoring the quality of PIB.  The Technical Manual is intended to consider, but not be limited to, conditions known to be important for a knowledge base of reference materials, available industry information, do’s and don’ts guidelines.

Prequalification of infill glazing for hurricane products – this is a joint task group with AAMA and the scope is still under development. A conference call is being scheduled between the two groups.  If interested in participating, please contact the IGMA office.

VIG Glazing Guidelines – the scope is to develop glazing guidelines specific for VIG which will be included in TM-3000-90(16), North American Glazing Guidelines for Sealed Insulating Glass Units for Commercial and Residential Use. This work will be completed under the Glazing Guidelines Working Group.  We are looking for a volunteer to chair the Glazing Guidelines group.  If interested, please contact the IGMA office.

Publication Updates

PIB Primary Sealant in Insulating Glass Units Released
IGMA and the National Glass Association (NGA) has published a new jointly-produced resource for the glazing and glass products industry. The guidelines, developed by members representing both organizations, discuss the function of Polyisobutylene (PIB) Primary Sealant in insulating glass units (IGUs) with specific focus on the performance and aesthetic attributes of PIB. Purchase the document online.

IGMA Quality Management System Forms Released Soon
IGMA has approved its newest document and plans to release it to the industry next week. The document provides the forms for the IGMA Quality Management System (QMS) and will be the final document released for QMS. Look for an announcement next week to purchase.

Sponsorship Updates

IGMA thanks the following sponsors for helping to provide the opportunity IGMA creates for all members in the industry.

Cardinal IG
Guardian Industries
Vitro Architectural

H.B. Fuller
Quanex Building Products


IGMA Leadership Development Program

Most organizations operate at 50% of their intelligence capacity or less, and experience lower than 35% engagement with employees. We’ve observed that leaders are 1 of 2 types: Leadership Multipliers (leaders who attract great people and empower them) or Empire Builders (surround themselves with talent that makes them look good but doesn’t empower their people and operate at low efficiency).

The next installment of the IGMA Leadership Development Program began in late April, 2019 and each subsequent session will be scheduled the fourth Wednesday of each month starting at 10:00 am Eastern.  Each interactive session is 60 to 90 minutes lead by Oak Moser, Coaching2Connect, (formerly an industry insider) and recorded live so you will never miss a session. There is still time to join our current class of leaders!


  1. How to set expectations with people
  2. How to lead with better self-awareness
  3. How to influence people for positive change
  4. How to teach and develop team talent / skills
  5. How to build a team that performs
  6. How to lead during difficult/challenging times
  7. How to make the right decisions in uncertainty or ambiguity
  8. How to prepare for an opportunity
  9. How to be a player versus a pretender
  10. How to prepare and respond to setbacks
  11. The 4 levels of commitment found in every great leader
  12. How to win on the inside first

Learn more about this excellent program and register today!

And Finally…

Registration for the 2019 Joint AAMA and IGMA Summer Conferences continues, with Early Bird pricing ending in less than two weeks. This year is very important as it is the last conference to discuss the potential creation of a new organization from AAMA and IGMA before the votes in July. Take advantage of the special pricing and register today!