About IGMA

The Insulating Glass Manufacturers Alliance is the international standards development organization for the insulating glass industry. Our focus is on developing new technologies in the manufacturing of insulating glass units supported by new research, best practices and the development of codes and standards. IGMA’s industry publications, education programs, product certification programs and leading edge research provide valuable support to the industry.

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Insulating Glass Manufacturers Alliance is to lead in establishing and advancing insulating glass manufacturing technologies and quality process providing value to our industry and enhancing member opportunities for growth and success.

Committees and Task Groups

Strategic Initiative Statements

IGMA Member Strategic Areas of Focus

Why does IGMA exist?

  • To communicate critical issues specific to IG to the world
  • As a forum for members to exchange info
  • To Raise the bar and set standards in the industry
  • To be the reference for IG
  • To push the envelope, and be future focused
  • To defend the needs of membership in the broader marketplace
  • To provide tech expertise, research, testing, education, publications, and evaluation of issues relative to the IG industry.

Why do people become members, join committees/task groups, and attend conferences?

  • To learn about the IG industry
  • To spread information internally to their own organization
  • To stay current

The Board discussed what would be the focuses of IGMA if the organization was created today:

  1. Maintaining Standard of Care by addressing the complexity of emerging products and providing technical expertise: to provide and exercise practices that are used in the industry to achieve the highest level of quality, stay current with technologies, provide training, test methods, follow industry standards, participate in industry functions and be informed of current practices used in the industry that will assist in providing the requirements of the customer and meet the standards of the industry.
  2. A Common Industry Voice that responds to issues in a proactive way and is involved in advocacy that benefits our members: ensure that IGMA continues to be a proactive common voice in the IG industry and continue to engage in advocacy that benefits our members; including but not limited to participation in industry standards development and providing liaison with our affiliated organizations
  3. Education and Training for the IG and building envelope industry with accredited programs and the industry’s best technical expertise:
    • Preventing IG Failures
    • Leadership Development Program
    • IG Fabricator Workshop
    • Conference presentations
  4.  Maintaining effective communication internally and externally:
    • Electronic newsletter
    • Website
    • Press Releases
    • Conferences

IGMA Antitrust Reminder

It is IGMA policy to comply fully with all laws regulating trade association activities. Please refer to IGMA’s Antitrust Compliance Program Guidelines and adhere to the following:

  • DON’T discuss prices or fees for service, costs, discounts, terms of sale or credit, warranties, profit margins, individual companies’ marketing or bidding plans, pricing policies, controlling sales, allocating markets, complaints related to specific customers, or refusals to deal.
  • DON’T joke about antitrust compliance.
  • DON’T speak or act on behalf of IGMA or any committees unless specifically authorized to do so.
  • DON’T participate if you think something is improper.
  • DO alert IGMA staff or legal counsel to any concerns about competitively sensitive information.

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