IGMA Leadership Development Program: Level 2

Overview of the Program

The IGMA Leadership Development Program focuses on the soft skills a leader needs to achieve his or her full potential. Everyone in the workforce develops hard skills required to be employed in the insulating glass industry, but developing soft skills (communicating effectively with people, recognizing a company’s culture and effectively aligning with that culture, understanding accountability in the workplace, etc.) provides the necessary intangibles to become a great leader. The Program offers one module monthly for twelve months, mostly via online webinar/broadcast. The modules include:

Leadership Spectrum (Refresher Session)
Description of the skills required to be an effective leader in today’s complex world (personalities, values, issues, world events, millennial employees)

Character Strength Finder (Refresher Session)
Help every leader identify their natural strengths and begin to understand how and when to use them. Improve your understanding of yourself and others at a much deeper level (how you and others related and connect).

Communicating with all Personalities (Refresher Session)
Help you understand each other’s preferred personality style. Provide insights into the likes and dislikes of each style and help people move from tolerating each other towards valuing our differences.

Testimonials from Graduates

“Over a long career, I’ve had opportunities to participate in many company sponsored training classes.  Some of them even had similarities to the IGMA Leadership Development Program.  I have to say I got more out of the IGMA Leadership Development Program than any of the company sponsored training.  There is a unique difference related to this program; the focus and delivery.  The focus is on soft skills or those communication/interpersonal skills related to how you deal with and communicate with others.  Oak Moser is an excellent presenter that provides real life examples of how to implement a technique or how a situation can be handled.  I think that the best part of it was the examples.  It helped me to understand the concept and how to implement it in my everyday job.  I would highly recommend this program to anyone that deals with people in their job whether they are a supervisor or not.  Everyone has the ability to lead whether they have the word supervisor/manager in their title or not.”

“Some say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Frankly, the statement is not true when it comes to this leadership training. Our company had several participants involved in the training and everyone came away with a better understanding of themselves and how to relate to others. Because Oak has been in leadership positions in the industry it is easy for him to relate to stories you can see in your own plant. He talks about his own shortcomings back then as well as how he has changed his actions in his world today. The ability to miss a session but review it later was also a big plus in the program. Well worth the investment in both time and money”

“My appreciation of the program was, first and foremost, getting a better understanding of who I am and how I interact with others with the DISC profile test.  Once I knew what my profile was, I had a lot of fun trying to see what the profile of the people I interact with on a regular basis was and how I could adjust to them or at least try to understand better why they act and react the way they do instead of getting frustrated.  My interactions with my colleagues has changed a great deal because I learned a lot with this leadership training.”


  1. How to set expectations with people
  2. How to lead with better self-awareness
  3. How to influence people for positive change
  4. How to teach and develop team talent / skills
  5. How to build a team that performs
  6. How to lead during difficult/challenging times
  7. How to make the right decisions in uncertainty or ambiguity
  8. How to prepare for an opportunity
  9. How to be a player versus a pretender
  10. How to prepare and respond to setbacks
  11. The 4 levels of commitment found in every great leader
  12. How to win on the inside first

Here is a short video discussing the program:

Program Facilitator: Oak Moser

Oak is a senior management professional with 33 years’ experience leading and coaching teams in professional, manufacturing and competitive sports sectors. He has a proven track record as an effective leadership coach, working with multi-disciplinary teams, operating in fast-paced, entrepreneurial environments where Customer Satisfaction, Winning and Profitability are key. He helps build competitive environments, where people connect and engage with each other to achieve goals and objectives quickly. He also applies a customized leadership behavioral approach that brings enthusiasm and desired results for organizations.

He is trained and certified with Coaching 2 Connect Inc., the authors of two successful Leadership Development Training Programs (Performance Architecture & Leadership Spectrum). The development programs are designed to help coaches and executives manage themselves, relationships with their team members, build a winning culture and serve their Clients with world class standards. He is experienced coaching leaders/athletes to get the most out of each other for team success.

  • Coaching 2 Connect’s Team Building Character DNA model
  • Certified DISC Trainer – Human Behavior Model33 years’ experience in Leadership Positions

Relevant experience:

  • 33 years – Managed $50-90 million manufacturing facilities (375 employees) in the glass industry
  • 21 years – Coaching youth hockey (high school, midget, regional teams, etc..)
  • 3 years – Certified Coaching 2 Connect Inc.
  • 1 Tier II U16 USA Hockey national tournament semifinal finish


Each module is offered online via live webinar. Modules are 60-90 minutes in length. If you are unable to attend a schedule module, you will be given a link to view a rebroadcast of the module. Each registrant will receive an email invitation in advance of each module session. Please use this information to participate in the webinar. Each online webinar will provide time for Q&A with Oak.

Registration Fees

  • IGMA/AAMA Member – $1,500 (New to the LDP Program)
  • IGMA/AAMA Member – $1,200 (LDP Program Level 1 Graduate)
  • Non-Member – $2,100

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