Winter Conference 2019

Schedule of Events

Monday, February 4, 2019

6:00 pm

Marketing Committee Dinner (by Invitation)

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

9:00 am
10:00 am – Noon
1:00 pm

IGMA Board of Directors (Closed)
Presentation: How Nanotechnology is Revolutionizing the Glass Manufacturing Industry
Presented by Larry Eichel, DryWired
This presentation will discuss how nanotechnology is evolving the building industry, namely advancements in glazing coatings, allowing thermal protection to be more affordable and effective than ever before. Certain nanocoatings use solvent-borne metal-oxide nano-particles and an inorganic adhesive binder to form a self-leveling clear coat that is only 10 microns thick and is able to bond directly to glass and polycarbonate surfaces. This nanocoating is more cost effective than traditional window film, can be applied at either the manufacturing level or as a retro-fit, and is able to block up to 99.9% of UV rays, up to 85% of IR rays, and maintains up to 80% of VLT.

Larry J. Eichel, B.S., M.A., PMP, LEED AP, CPHC, GGP, LFA is a combat wounded Marine Corps veteran who after service, dedicated his career to sustainability in the built environment. He holds a B.S. in Biology and M.A. in Global Sustainability & Renewable Energy from the University of South Florida. Prior to joining DryWired, he worked as a Sustainability Project Manager for a green building consulting firm and managed numerous LEED, NGBS, and ENERGY STAR projects. He is an industry leader in sustainability, renewable energy, energy efficiency, and building science and currently holds over 30 industry recognized credentials and certifications.


ET&I Task Groups:

  • Gas Measurement
  • VIG Update
  • Advanced Fenestration Testing / IGCC Provisional Certification
  • Material Transparency (including LCA)
  • Field Correlation Study (Members Only)

6:00 pm

President’s Welcome Reception (Business Casual Dress)

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

7:00 am – 9:00 am
7:30 am
9:00 am

The Future of IGMA – an interactive session with the IGMA Board of Directors Report to Members
Certification Task Groups:

  • Sealant Task Group
  • Spacer Equivalency Task Group
  • IGCC-IGMA Program Report
  • IGMAC Program
  • Design Considerations for Oversized IGU Constructions
  • TM-4520 Quality Forms and Records

12:00 noon
1:00 pm

Presentation: Connected Smart Glass for Selectively Repeating Wireless Signals
Presented by: Juha Lilja, Stealthcase
Mobile data and use of wireless devices have increased dramatically. Unfortunately, coated glass severely attenuates wireless signals that causes frequent problems with indoor connectivity in modern buildings. In Northern Europe the problem has become so difficult that indoor connectivity requirements are being considered as a part of governmental construction requirements. The glass industry has defaulted to researching well-known frequency-selective surfaces (FSS) as potential solution.

In this presentation StealthCase introduces a new smart glass technology that uses the most modern tricks of RF design to create smart glass for connected smart cities. StealthCase’s glass uses invisible antenna-arrays, beamforming and frequency-selective filtering to widely collect and uniformly reradiate wanted wireless signals while improving security by keeping unwanted signals inside.

M.Sc. Juha Lilja graduated from Tampere University of Technology, Finland, in 2009 majoring in High Frequency Electronics and electromagnetics. He worked in the university, from where he moved to Finnish defense contractor, where he designed antennas for military systems and also one of the first industrial textile antennas for the European Space Agency (ESA). He has published multiple peer-reviewed articles, and in 2013 Mr. Lilja moved to Nokia (later Microsoft) where he acted as Antenna Chief in several mobile phone projects. Since 2017 he has been working full-time in StealthCase Oy developing novel antenna systems for construction industry.

Education & Safety Task Groups:

  • Glass Safety Awareness
  • IG Fabricator Workshop
  • Leadership Development Program
  • TM-5000, Do’s & Don’ts of Safety

LDP Program – Oak Moser, Coaching2Connect

3:30 – 5:30 pm Member Session on IGMA-AAMA Discussions


6:00 pm

Member Networking Theme Dinner – “Don’t Mess with Texas”


Thursday, February 7, 2019

7:30 am
9:00 am

Sponsor Presentations
Presentation: Challenges with Over-Sized Glazing
Presented by: Roland Rossman, Garibaldi Glass

TSC Task Groups:

  • Edge Pressure on IGUs
  • IG Cavity Compensation
  • Thermal Stress
  • Glazing Infill Prequalification Testing for Hurricane Products


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